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#19 – 10 Strange Restaurant Concepts

The last few weeks have been very hectic for me, so it’s great that I’ve finally had the chance to write a new blog post.

As many of you would have seen, I’ve previously done 2 posts showcasing some of the San Pellegrino Best Restaurants in the World.

For this post, I’m sharing 10 more restaurants with you, which have a different kind of uniqueness:

#1 – Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Whilst the mere thought of eating a toilet-themed menu off a table made from a bathtub would put many of us off, the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan is a big hit with tourists & locals alike.

#2 – Disaster Café, Spain

What could be better than enjoying a 3 course Spanish meal in the beautiful seaside town of Lloret De Mar? Enjoying your meal whilst experiencing a 7.8 magnitude earthquake! That’s what diners at the Disaster Café undergo as their meal (& nerves) are tested under the force of the restaurant’s quakes.

#3 – Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Created as part of the Hilton Maldives Resort, the Ithaa Restaurant is the first restaurant of its kind. Sitting almost 5m below sea level, the restaurant offers up to 14 diners a 270 degree panoramic experience with views of the clear waters and abundant coral reef around them.

#4 – Restaurant in the Sky, Belgium

If you’ve ever fancied a 3 course meal suspended from a crane 150ft in the air, then Restaurant in the Sky is the perfect option for you. For this incredible experience, the 22 diners will be set back around 8,000 euros each!

#5 – New Lucky Restaurant, India

New Lucky Restaurant is a typical Indian restaurant in many regards, serving the classic dishes that tourists around the world recognise. But there is one key difference – here, you dine amongst the dead literally. Diners at New Lucky can enjoy their meals amongst the graves of a centuries-old Muslim cemetery.

#6 – Yellow Treehouse Café, New Zealand

Built around a redwood tree near Auckland, the Yellow Treehouse Café is the creation of Pacific Environment Architects. Today, the treehouse is only available for private functions.

#7 – Dans Le Noir, London

Dans Le Noir is unlike any of London’s restaurants as diners are led into complete darkness and served by blind waiters. By starving one’s sense, your other senses are stimulated to full alert “all so the theory goes” and your food will taste like it’s never tasted before.

#8 – Twin Stars Diner, Moscow

To most people who enter Moscow’s Twin Stars Diner, this will seem like a very normal establishment. However there is one key difference here – all the staff from bar tenders to waitresses are all identical twins, dressed identically.

#9 – Calico Cat Café, Tokyo

In a city like Tokyo, it’s unrealistic for most people to own a pet. So, Tokyo’s 30 cat cafés offer people a chance to have a café with some feline friends roaming around. There’s even a menu for the cats as well so café goers can feed them!

#10 – Ninja Restaurant, New York

Housing some of New York’s best Japanese fusion food, diners at the Ninja Restaurant are led to their table through a series of dark, subterranean caves & tunnels. And that’s only the beginning – ninjas jump out on point to scare diners and of course, show off some pretty spectacular culinary skills.

Thanks again for reading this post and I’m keen to hear your thoughts on these unique restaurant concepts!!

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6 thoughts on “#19 – 10 Strange Restaurant Concepts

  1. Well, i think most of them would be once in a lifetime experiences – unless you really like toilets, blindness, and shaking while you eat. Have to give the owners kudos for creativity though. Fun post.

  2. Really fun read for a foodie like me Ryan. Thanks!

  3. Drinking in #4 or #10 could easily lead to death.

  4. Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing~ Cheers!! 😀

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  6. Love the undersea restaurant. I’m sure the Dans le Noir was used in a movie I saw recently.
    Just checked… it was this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/About_Time_%282013_film%29

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