Ryan Gruss

#15 – A Cultural Sonnet

Hi everyone, for this post I thought I’d do something slightly different!.

Recently for my university application, I spent some time reflecting on my cultural identity and the role it plays in my life. As part of this, I wrote an abstract reflection on my cultural identity in the form of a Shakespearian Sonnet. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the result!

Now that I’m a blogger, I would like to share it with you – so here it is:

What is my culture? Tis a pearly shell
That murmurs of the far-off Aegean sea;
Tis a perfect French red lobster quenelle;
A Paua jewel carved most curiously.
Who am I? Am I just a tear that fell
From a divine God’s ardent ecstasy;
Chimes from the Olympian mountain bell;
A two-edged sword, a star, a song – ah, me!

At night a chromatic nocturne awakes
Dark brilliance on the world; colour drifts
From Asian bazaars to mist veiled lakes
and cultural peace torn in the day lifts.

With my mind perplexed, thy heart yearns it rain
Some fresh showers on my culture struck brain.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please let me know your thoughts below!!

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One thought on “#15 – A Cultural Sonnet

  1. “Who am I? Am I just a tear that fell
    From a divine God’s ardent ecstasy;..” my favorite lines! So beautiful…!!!!!!!!!

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