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#9 – In Boston!

Hi everyone, I realise I’ve been quite slack on the blogging front these past few weeks! My reason – I’ve been in Boston, networking and meeting hundreds of interesting people for my internet project Showzee!

Just to give you an update, I’ll be blogging my experiences in a 2 part Boston journal over the next couple of weeks – look out for it!!

In the meantime, here are a few of my ‘unique selling points’ of Boston that I’ve drawn from my time here so far:

#1 – University Power

The Widener Library at Harvard - the 3rd largest in the USA

The Widener Library at Harvard – the 3rd largest in the USA

With over 250,000 students in Boston across Harvard, MIT, BU etc, it’s easy to see why Boston is regarded as a hub of resources & innovation. These world leading institutions have entrepreneurship at their core, creating a unique startup culture, different to that of Silicon Valley.

#2 – Colonial Heritage

Old State House, Boston

Old State House, Boston

It only takes a short walk along the famous ‘Freedom Trail’ to appreciate that Boston is in essence the first true American city. From the Tea Party to the Sons of Liberty, Boston was the focus of the revolution and even today, colonial buildings stand among the skyscrapers of downtown.

#3 – State Hopping

Lexington, MA

Lexington, MA

Boston is very much the epicentre of the New England states, a collection of beautiful states with a landscape of mountains, forests, rivers, beaches and more. A few hours driving, and you’re already in the White Mountains of New Hampshire or walking the campus of Brown University, Rhode Island.

#4 – Research, Research, Research

Harvard & MIT lead the way in research

Harvard & MIT lead the way in research

Clearly this is linked to my first point, but Harvard & MIT input vast expenditure on research each year, giving Boston a particular name for bio-tech and hardware innovations. Harvard’s research budget is up 69%, well above the US average, creating diverse opportunities for students & the community.

#5 – An East Coast City

Copley Square, Boston

Copley Square, Boston

We plan to set up a base in the USA, but we’d still like to be able to easy access the UK and Europe. As an East Coast city, Boston is a far easier flight connection than the San Francisco and it’s smaller & more manageable than New York on a day-to-day basis.

I’m looking forward to my last week here in Boston and check out my journal of the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for reading!

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2 thoughts on “#9 – In Boston!

  1. “love that dirty water, Boston you’re my home” I’m from around Boston, it’s beautiful. Nice post.

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